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Trauma and PTSD Therapy: Your Path to Recovery in Clarkston, Grand Blanc, & Rochester Hills, MI

Navigating Life After Trauma: Find Your Strength Again

Life’s journey is often marked by challenging events that can leave lasting impressions, such as sexual abuse, natural disasters, or the sudden loss of a loved one. When these experiences overwhelm your coping ability, seeking professional help is a brave and necessary step. At Giesken Counseling Services, we recognize the courage it takes to start therapy for trauma and PTSD, and we’re here to support you through this pivotal moment.

Expert Care for Trauma and PTSD: Healing Begins Here

Our team of skilled therapists brings a wealth of experience in evidence-based interventions, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), to provide a compassionate and secure environment for your healing process. We’re dedicated to helping you process your trauma-related emotions while reducing or eliminating the symptoms that disrupt your life, with the ultimate aim of restoring your happiness and health.

Why Choose Giesken Counseling Services for Trauma and PTSD:

  • Symptom Management: We address common symptoms like sleep disturbances, nightmares, depression, anxiety, and avoidance behaviors through effective psychotherapy.

  • Specialized Expertise: Our therapists specialize in trauma and PTSD, offering the latest therapeutic techniques for the most impactful care.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Trust and empathy are the cornerstones of our practice, ensuring you feel safe to share your story.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We tailor our services to your unique experiences, collaborating with you to create a plan that meets your goals.

  • Evidence-Based Therapies: Our approach includes proven therapies like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), and other trauma-focused modalities that empower you to process and overcome the impact of traumatic events. 

  • Holistic Healing: We consider the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—in our treatment plans, incorporating practices that promote overall well-being.

  • Empowerment and Resilience: Beyond symptom relief, we focus on building resilience and empowering you to take control of your life’s narrative.

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

Embarking on a journey towards recovery from trauma is a testament to your strength. You’re not alone—Giesken Counseling Services is here to illuminate your path to resilience and growth. 

At GCS, located in Clarkston, Grand Blanc, and Rochester Hills, MI, our administrative team is dedicated to pairing you with the ideal therapist to take the first step toward a brighter future.  

Giesken Counseling Services provides in-person and online (virtual) counseling sessions.   Please contact our office today by calling (810) 626-5191 or clicking the link below. 

Let's start working together!

We'd love to help you start your healing journey today!

GCS Team: Trauma and PTSD Counseling

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