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Clarkston and Grand Blanc, MI

In-Person & Online Mental Health Counseling for Children, Teens, Adolescents, Adults, Families, and Couples

Are you looking for a professional and caring counselor who can help you cope with your challenges and achieve your goals? Whether you are dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, teen issues, relationship problems, or any other mental health issue, you deserve to get the support and guidance you need. 

At Giesken Counseling Services, we offer exceptional counseling services for individuals, couples, and families in our Clarkston and Grand Blanc, Michigan offices. We have a team of trained and compassionate therapists who have experience in various specialties. GCS provides online and in-person counseling for your convenience and comfort. We make the process of getting started as easy and pleasant as possible for you.

Giesken Counseling Services believes that therapy should be a collaborative and safe process, where you and your therapist work together to identify your needs, explore your options, and discover your strengths. We use evidence-based and personalized approaches to help you overcome your difficulties and improve your well-being. Our team provides you with ongoing support and effective techniques to help you create positive and lasting changes in your life. Our goal is to help you live a happy and well-balanced life.

At GCS, we understand that seeking therapy can be a hard decision. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started. We will schedule an intake session with the therapist who best fits your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Who GCS Can Provide Services To

We provide professional therapy to:

  • Children
  • Teens (Adolescents)
  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Adults, 65+
  • Couples
  • Families

Types of Appointments:

We Accept Insurance

Giesken Counseling Services Team


At GCS, our mission is to provide mental health services and wellness through providing unique, comfortable, and compassionate care while also demonstrating integrity and empathy with every interaction.


GCS strives to provide a tailored approach to mental health care focusing on ease of access for the client as well as finding the perfect fit therapist for the client’s specific needs. Our goal is to ease the burden for clients, listen to the needs of our clients by continuously improving, and provide exceptional quality care to our communities.


Communicating with transparency to solve problems and establish genuine relationships at work. 
Continuing to evaluate our systems and processes to identify improvements and initiate changes for our staff and clients. 
Genuinely displaying helpful and kind communication to our colleagues and clients at all times regardless of varying beliefs or attitudes. 
Continuously leaning into one another to learn, embrace our mistakes or imperfections, and work toward improvement. 
Holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable to best serve our clients, and being able to adjust as needed for the integrity of the practice.

Client Testimonials

“I’m doing much better than when I first started therapy”

“Very nice staff members and a comfortable environment.”

“My therapist is well-informed, relatable, receptive and helpful. She has provided multiple resources for me with anything I’d like to learn more about. She consistently holds me accountable and is kind in helping me grow. It’s the strongest therapeutic relationship I’ve ever experienced with a therapist.”

“My therapist is wonderful. She always makes me feel safe and listened to. I can tell she truly cares about her clients.”

"My therapist is open to listening to my concerns and issues, and provides feedback and suggestions."

"My daughter has been practicing techniques at home that she learns with her therapist. She has definitely grown and her conditions have improved since beginning with Giesken Counseling."

"My daughter's therapist is absolutely wonderful and has truly helped my daughter!"

"The office is a safe space for me, I always feel comfortable to talk about anything and everything."

"I love everything about Jessica - very good at listening but also balancing it with her talking too."

“Having a good relationship with a therapist was something I struggled to find. I feel like my therapist listens and doesn't judge me. I trust her and that makes it easy to open up.”

“My experience has been very smooth and easy since the very beginning of sending an inquiry email to now being in the care of my therapist for a few months. I have referred many clients to your practice and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for offering immediate and complete support and multiple options for patients.”

“My daughter is actually excited to see her therapist. It has definitely been a positive experience for her.”

“My therapist really listens to me. She is very understanding and helpful with my journey through anxiety.”

“My therapist is always very helpful and available when needed.”

Let's start working together!

We'd love to help you start your healing journey today!

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