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***New Podcast with On a Dragonfly's Wings: Grief

Episode 9: Grief

This episode comes one month before the 5-year mark of Nikolai's death. For all of you who wonder... yep, I'm still grieving, and I always will. Let's start being okay with people grieving. 

For this episode, we talk with Jerilynn Jacobson, owner of Giesken Counseling Services. As a grief-certified professional, Jerilynn walks us through the grief process, reminding us that every single person grieves differently. 

In addition, she offers up some great advice for those who want to support a grieving person. We don't always know what to say or do when someone we care about is going through something hard. Jerilynn gives great suggestions to help you navigate the uncomfortable of grief.

Grief is something none of us can escape. Thank you to Jerilynn for helping all of us move through the journey.

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